NBA: 2020-21 NBA awards

The end of the NBA regular season is nearly upon us. Despite the fact that this season has been filled with ups and downs, the most deserving players for the award are easy to identify.

Nikola Jokic is easily the MVP of the NBA. 

Nikola Jokic may be the best center since the legendary Shaquille O’Neal retired. His play is establishing a new category or style of play for the center position. He is to the center position what LeBron James (or Larry Bird) was to forward.

The Center position has seen a resurgence of talent in the NBA. Although many believe that Joel Embiid is the better center, Jokic’s unique play makes him stand out. The loss of Jamal Murray was devastating for the Nuggets, but the team has remained one of the best in the western conference.

Jokic averages 27.0 points per game, 11.2 rebounds per game, and 8.7 assists per 36 minutes of play, while shooting 40.9 percent from three-point range. This season, Jokic has 15 triple doubles.

The other NBA awards are easy to pick as well. 

Defensive Player of the Year: Ben Simmons. 

Ben Simmons is one of the best defenders in the NBA and the Philadelphia 76ers have been outstanding this season. When Simmons plays well, the 76ers are nearly unstoppable.

Coach of the year: Tom Thibodeau. 

Most Improved Player: Julius Randle. 

NBA Executive of the Year: Leon Rose 

NBA Sixth Man of the Year: Derrick Rose.

The New York Knicks have made an incredible comeback. And they’ve done it primarily by improving their defense; the Knicks rank fourth in the league in terms of opponents’ points per 100 possessions. They are also arguably the best team in the NBA at defending the 3-point line.

Many of these players will likely see an increase in the value of their memorabilia

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